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Don’t let the bookshop name fool you. Country Books is a blog set up to help avid readers like you to find and review the latest (and greatest) reading material around. Whether you’re here looking for the best types of novels by iconic writers, or are simply looking for reviews of recent published works, we can certainly help.

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We’re also not a faceless, corporate blog. I’m James, and it’s my mission to keep this blog up to date and create the type of resource for readers that is going to introduce new books and past works to the masses.

Happy reading!

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  • Mishka – Mike Maroney – Book Review
    Mishka is a beautiful story that all children will enjoy and reread. It’s set in the imaginary town of Horridgrad in Russia, where our 9-year protagonist Natasha is sent to stay with her grandfather. There’s a heart-breaking scene at the beginning of the book where Natasha must say a temporary goodbye to her father. He’s […]
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